At JVM Castings we understand that our team are the most important part of our operation. We employ over 200 staff at our Worcester manufacturing plant. Providing continual training and development is key to both their success – and ours.

Our A3 Management System enables staff at all levels within the business to develop and increase their career opportunities within the company. This continued professional development ensures all our staff not only follow best practice but increase their skill set, helping to increase value throughout all our systems and processes.

We encourage all our staff to take part in the development of JVM Castings, and in return we nurture the wide range of talent across our sites by offering apprentice, graduate and leadership training, both internally and externally.

Investing for the future is a responsibility we all need to share within the UK manufacturing industry, and that’s why we have recently expanded our apprenticeship scheme.

This scheme aims to attract more design and engineering students into our industry, helping to ensure manufacturing stays within the UK and provide long-term employment opportunities as well as aiding economic growth.

Visit our News page for the latest information on our people including our apprentice, graduate and leadership schemes. For more information on our employment opportunities, please contact us on 01905754400 or email