Our Midlands-based UK factory combines with our proven supplier partnerships in Asia. This enables us to have a truly global reach with customers on every continent.

Our cutting-edge technology enables our factories to work at a maximum capacity of 15 tonnes per hour. We have the largest range of diecasting machines in the UK with 44 die casting cells from 300 tonnes to 2,700 tonnes locking force. Our Worcester factory is equipped with a full range of production equipment with over 65 horizontal and vertical machining centres including:

  • 4 & 5 axis horizontal machines
  • 4 & 5 axis vertical machines
  • Twin spindle vertical machines
  • Lathes

We also have a fully equipped quality control laboratory.

The capabilities of our team

Over 200 people work at our site. Each are fully-trained and accredited, and each are experts in our bespoke 360 degree manufacturing process. This process is tailored to your specific needs and has innovation and continuity at its core. These attributes allow us to complete the full production process for you, from design to delivery, and all managed using our A3 Management Systems.

Our specialist team are experts in:

  • Design for manufacture, including Design Simulation
  • High Pressure and Vacuum Aluminium Die casting
  • Machining and Assembly

While our technical support department offers:

  • Pro-E, AutoCAD, CAD 5 SDRC Ideas and Catia Design & Development
  • In-house CAD Systems + Contract Support CAD
  • Design for manufacture initial prototypes
  • Development of models and 2D drawings
  • Flow simulation solidification and stress

Continual investment in our production capabilities and the training of our team is what enables us to stay at the forefront of the UK aluminium die casting market. It’s why we meet, and exceed, the needs of our global customers. Email us at sales@jvmcastings.com or call 01905750000 for more information on how our production can benefit your business.