About Us

At JVM Castings we have been at the forefront of our industry since 1925. It’s why we’ve become a global specialist in aluminium die casting manufacturing.

Our business has grown from those early days, as we’ve gradually expanded to become a key manufacturer to the automotive, leisure, truck and bus, and off-highway sectors.

We offer our customer’s peace of mind that from small and complex manufacture to global bulk supply, they will receive the precision aluminium diecasting manufacturing that is synonymous with JVM Castings.

Our company in detail

Our staff are fully trained and accredited, and our senior management team offer unrivalled industry knowledge. This, coupled with our focus on continued professional development, ensures we always meet and exceed the needs of the industry.

Our Worcester manufacturing facility offers a wide range of aluminium die casting machinery capable of producing 15 tonnes per hour.

JVM Castings also offer a 360-degree manufacturing solution for our customers. This means we can provide a total solution in a variety of alloys, from design, project management, machining, assembly and heat treatment through to surface finishing and global delivery.

Our responsibility to the environment

The success of manufacturing within the UK is dependent on companies increasing innovation within production. This includes a responsibility to the environment.

We also take our environmental responsibility very seriously as we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We encourage each department to constantly reduce CO2 emissions, which not only helps the environment but also drives down our fuel and production costs; a saving that we can pass onto our customers.

We are experts in innovation, and constantly strive to develop products which push the boundaries of our industry. It is this vision that has seen us grow to become the UK’s largest aluminium die caster. We want to continue to lead this sector and ensure manufacturing remains productive within the UK, ensuring growth both for us and for our clients.

We aim to always drive innovation in our production to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Providing flexibility, combined with quality and attention to detail, is our mission for all our systems and processes, allowing us to drive down waste while delivering cost-effective excellence.

An extensive history in designing die castings

We have an extensive history in designing die castings to meet individual client needs, whatever market they operate in. Our bespoke 360 degree manufacturing process has been developed during our 90 year history and enables us to fully understand your individual needs and design a quality aluminium die casting for you.

JVM Castings is the largest die casting plant in the UK due to continued investment in our facilities. The range of our plant provides us with the flexibility to produce to your specifications and at the capacity that you require whether you are in the UK or an international client.

Whatever market you are operating in we will develop a quality aluminium die casting that meets your individual needs. Email us at sales@jvmcastings.com or call 01905750000 with your requirements whether it is a small, high value run or a bulk mainstream run we will deliver a tailored die casting for you.

Our investment in our facilities has seen us grow to become tier one manufacturers and super tier two manufacturers for the entire automotive industry from personal cars to commercial trucks.

We are proud of our long association with clients such as Jaguar Land Roverand have progressed from making a simple pulley casting in 1963 to manufacturing award winning complex structural parts.

Innovation is at the core of our 360 degree manufacturing process. It led to us designing and casting a unique 21mm rugby stud supplied to the England Rugby Team ahead of their 2003 World Cup win.

At JVM Castings we cast a range of strong and lightweight castings for our clients. We’ve developed solutions that meet their needs from flood lighting for Abacus to components for golf carts for Textron Bad Boy.

We utilise primary based alloys and secondary based alloys to cast our components. This capability ensures we can cast components which mechanical properties to suit a range of products.

JVM Castings have produced strong, corrosion resistant aluminium diecastings for military trucks, boats and ships.

The capacity of our plant is matched by its cutting-edge technology that ensures quality with every die cast whether you need a short run or high volume.

We utilise the latest technologyincluding axis horizontal machines and a fully equipped quality control laboratory to produce water-tight die castings for use off-shore in oil rigs.

Aluminium alloys deliver a range of benefits for the construction industry. JVM Castings can produce aluminium frames that enable a quick and easy build and combine durability with strength.

We take our responsibility to our industry seriously and continual research and development enables us to drive innovation and develop new tailored casts that deliver solutions in new markets.