As the UK industry leader in the manufacture of aluminium die castings, we insist on continual quality throughout our alloys.

Primary based alloys

Our primary-based alloys are manufactured from virgin aluminium and combined with a variety of minor elements. This ensures we can cast components in alloys with mechanical properties and behaviours that will satisfy all your requirements, including being strong and lightweight. Our primary based alloys include:

  • AlSi9Mn
  • AlSi10MgMn

Secondary based alloys

Innovation is at the core of what we do and we use this to ensure our production and processes are efficient, effective and environmental friendly.

That’s why we have installed an IPPC authorised smelting facility to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint and keep waste to a minimum.

Our secondary-based alloys are produced from aluminium waste that is recycled from our own processes, as well as from others within the marketplace and include:

EN AC 46500 – LM24

How we can help your business

Whatever your needs, whether it’s a pure, lightweight, aluminium primary-based die casting or a cost-effective, environmentally friendly secondary-based diecasting, we have the technical expertise to meet your individual needs. Email us at or call 01905 750000 for more information on how we can help your business.